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SEO Agency in Berlin and Düsseldorf - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a central issue in online marketing and should already taking a central role in the design of your website. Only when you can see quickly on the Internet, you can attract new customers for you and your business. Thus, the search engine giant Google is used to find products and services on the internet today mostly. So it is extremely important that you end up as high as possible in search results.

But you should not make too many illusions that you end up with the search results on the first place. This can only succeed if you and your business are so unique that you can only find your business when you enter the appropriate search term.

Nevertheless, with the right strategy, we can help you to significantly improve your findability in Internet. If you exhaust all possibilities of search engine optimization and you can offer your customers some specializations, you will not come in the search for the products and services to you.

There are many factors that are crucial for your placement in the search results of search engines. Error in the planning phase can be counterproductive and lead to unnecessary additional costs. Basically, search engine optimization can be divided into two subregions. First, the on-page and off-page optimization, on the other.

Onpage - Optimerung

The on-page optimization includes the treatment of all factors on your website that are relevant for search engine optimization. These include click-through rates, length of stay of visitors, internal link structure and effectively formulated and formatted content. In addition to the usability and the charging time and the clear architecture of the programming code for discoverability by search engines is responsible.

OffPage optimization

The off-page optimization includes the treatment of all factors beyond your website that are relevant for search engine optimization. These include backlinks that have an impact on the ranking of your website depending on quantity and quality. These should be placed on other topics relevant websites.

In addition to backlinks, the so-called "social signal" to off-page optimization are becoming increasingly important. The interaction with the website from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be worry for an additional drive to get noticed by search engines.


In monitoring results such as traffic sources, devices, user behavior, geographical location and languages ​​of users, length of stay and other factors are represented by means of special SEO tools, analyzes and reacts accordingly.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and not a state

As the technology of search engines and the search behavior of users of a development dynamic subject, search engine optimization is to be regarded as an ongoing process that does not end and grows with your online presence.

We can advise you and develop to concepts / strategies to increase your visibility in the search engines or long-term hold.