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Whether online shop, online magazine, company presence or individual software - each of these solutions does not require a lot of training for the administrator or the administrator. All controls and configuration options can be operated intuitively without special previous knowledge. For each project we develop a content and database management system (CDMS) specially tailored to your needs, with which you can quickly and easily maintain, edit and delete your content on the website.

Assign different user roles, so that each employee can only see and manage, what he is entitled to. In the usual modular systems you have overloaded user interfaces with many operating elements, of which mostly only a fraction is relevant for your solution.

In our CMS / CDMS, developed for you, you will only find the controls, that are important to you. This ensures a tidy user interface and saves time and nerves during operation.

We would be happy to advise you on this subject in a free initial consultation with our specialists. Please contact us!

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