Onlineshop Agency in Berlin and Düsseldorf

Customized Online Store Programming in Berlin

Our programmers L8M develop in collaboration with you tailor-made online shops of the highest quality . The focus is on a programming code understood by the search engines. Because only those who are well placed in the organic search results , has long-term success.
In contrast to the usual modular systems like Joomla , WordPress , Typo3 & Co. we do not fit your wishes to the realities of the system , but we develop your website according to your requirements. Only with a specially tailored to your needs online store, you can also settle in terms of discoverability by search engines of your competitors.

Design is a matter of feeling

Not only the price is the decisive factor in whether a product is purchased in your online store , but also the atmosphere . The decisive factor is the feeling that you negotiate with the store design to your customers. A competent , reputable shop presentation is of enormous importance. The web designers of L8M develop individual designs that convey professionalism and lead your customers to intuitively the desired product and, ultimately, to buy.

Mobile commerce is not a freestyle but duty

With the widespread use of tablet PCs and smartphones increasingly large shopping shifts on home desktop computer more and more to mobile devices. This is one of the main reasons to optimize the online shop on the needs of mobile users.
Many customers use their smartphone for price research , make the move to purchase . Conventional web shops have discourage the purchase projects in the presentation on smartphones and tablets longer charging times that are potential customers. If you do not optimize your own online shop for mobile use down , you lose important sales.
We help the appearance of your online shops regardless of optimizing the device used . With our systems, the usability of your shop items retained in each screen size - without latency when loading .

Think or fail International

In the internet to sell means the opportunity internationally , across to act on the international border . To be successful on the largest marketplace in the world , companies should begin as early as possible to internationalize . This means that you benefit in your online shop different countries languages ​​, use translatable URL's and other international rules of the game to a worldwide customer base build . We help national borders to blow up to be successful internationally .
We advise you on this issue like in a free initial consultation with our specialists. Feel free to contact us!