Online Magazine Software

Your own customer magazine

Our team of L8M developed an individual online customer magazine for you. In compliance with the corporate design we make the digital magazine, which is an indispensable information platform for your customers.
We publish for you articles and photo spreads on the topics that are important for you and your customers. We combine individual articles directly with the right products from your online store . With us, you have several articles on call and select the time when a story to be published. This will hold the magazine constantly updated , even with time constraints and staff shortages .
Place advertising of partner companies and recoup easily the cost of the customer magazine through additional advertising revenue.

The magazine as a means for search engine optimization

In addition to the informational benefits of the magazine for your customers, a special added value of the online magazine lies in its functionality for search engine optimization . You have with the customer magazine the opportunity to place hundreds of articles to exactly accommodate the relevant key words and direct them from there to your website.
Each published article creates a new title, a new URL and a new heading with new text content. Any link pointing to your website , sees the search giant Google as a recommendation and can rise up your business in the search results of Google in the hit list.

Professional editors

With an online magazine for customers on your website gives you the team of L8M professional services in the field of corporate publishing. As in traditional customer magazines from mobile operators , car manufacturers and operators, we produce on demand for your customers a mix of topics of information and entertainment .
Keep your website visitors up-to- date , we report to you about important events and changes in your industry. We create advice and opinions about your products and services. We show your core competencies.

The mix of topics makes it

No matter how great your business is , you are guaranteed to have a huge amount of topics that can inform and entertain your site visitors . These are the stories of product development , the employees and the customers. In addition to interviews , reports and other stories from your industry can also be photo shoots or videos place as a conceivable content. Thus , the online magazine is an important platform that will like to visit regularly for your customers.
Of course, we can ensure that your customers get all the news and information and offline . We are happy to produce your customer magazine as a print edition that you send on a regular basis your chosen customers. We provide comprehensive advice on all options and provide you with an editorial team on the side .
We advise you on this issue like in a free initial consultation with our specialists. Feel free to contact us!